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Serving Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota and Minnesota
Arizona and North Dakota Lic l# 17842089
Colorado Lic #575059
Minnesota Lic #40882735
Utah Lic # 721776


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Bridge to Medicare affordable Major Medical 62 to 65 years of age and Supplemental Individual or Group Insurance including or seperate

Cancer | Accident | Disabilty
Sickness | Critical Illness | Hospital

Whole Life, Term Life with
Disability Insurance.
Long Term Care Insurance Protection

Ted Gehrke

President and Founder
Turbolifeplanning and Turbo Life and Health LLC

Independent Agent


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Highest FIXED GUARANTEED rates in Annuities in the Industry!

Diversify your Portfolio! Add FIXED, Guaranteed Annuities that pay over 5% AND add a bonus with compounding Interest! Add a Single Pay Whole Life Policy that grows and grows your Guaranteed Cash Value and you can borrow against and not have to pay back! These products are FIXED and GUARANTEED and not tied to the stock market!

Highest annuity rates in the nation.

How annuities work

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